The One Thing You Should Never Text Anyone Ever

Here’s a hint: It’s a single letter near the middle of the alphabet.

1. There are A LOT of ways to be annoying in a text message.

2. Like writing “lol” a lot, or at all.

You can’t possibly be laughing even half as much as you say you’re laughing.

3. Or using this emoticon.

Have you ever looked at yourself making this face at the end of a sentence in real life, before? I think you maybe ought to try.

4. Or forming a fictional, underground, omniscient criminal coalition united under the label “A,” and harassing and bullying a group of four high school girls and their loved ones.

Get a job, A!

5. But the WORST of the worst texting offenses, by far, is the single letter text “K.”

6. Receiving a “K” text makes everyone instantly furious, NO MATTER WHAT. This is a guarantee.

7. “K” stands for “Killer” … of conversations. (Haha.)

8. Texting “K” means you’re too lazy to type out just one extra letter.

(Although to be honest if you only text “ok” that’s pretty annoying too.)

9. “K” makes you seem mad. Are you mad at me??


11. There is only one thing worse than one “k,” and that is TWO.

Say THIS out loud. You sound like a grown, dumb baby.

12. What does “kk” even mean? No seriously, what does it mean?

13. People who text “k” are just acting like they’re soooo busy and inundated with texts that they can only dash off one flippant letter.

14. It’s a total power trip.

15. So the next time you’re texting or IMing…

16. Say anything BUT “k.” (Even “k!” or “ok :)”

17. And if someone sends you the dreaded “k,” feel free to reply like this.

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