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The Drummer From Megadeth Filmed A UFO Over His House


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A few nights ago, Nick Menza, the drummer of thrash metal band Megadeth (from 1989 to 1998), filmed a purported UFO above his home in California.

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Menza says he had gone into the yard to film the unusually large and bright-looking moon with his two sons when they noticed a strange set of four small, moving lights.

As Menza films, the lights appear to move around, as if changing arrangement.

At the end of the clip, the lights turn appear to turn white, and either fade or "rise" out of sight.

The text overlay at the end of Menza's video reads:

"We lost site [sic] of it as it went up through the clouds. It was distant, dimly light [sic] and hardly moving ... If it wasn't for the fact that we went out to look at the big moon .... We probably would not have noticed it. ... In total 4 witnesses including me."

Menza has been hanging out in the YouTube video's comment section, responding to critics:

... and making great Star Wars references.

No additional information about what the lights might have been is known at this time, but keep your fingers crossed:


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