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    Dec 5, 2012

    8 Best And Worst Blogs About Cheese

    There are probably thousands of Tumblrs and WordPress blogs that purport to be about cheese. Very few deliver the goods.

    The BEST Blogs About Cheese

    The few lonely, glimmering stars of the Cheese Blogosphere.

    1. Cheese Notes


    Cheese Notes is the Tumblr of Web developer by day and cheesemaker by night (night cheese!) Matt Spiegler, who earns his No. 1 ranking in Best Cheese Blogs both by writing that he is "pursuing a cheese education" and by posting regular, informative, and delicious-looking posts about cheese. Recent post titles include "Muffato: A Marriage of Mint and Cheese," "China's Growing Cheese Market," and "2012 World Cheese Awards Winners Announced."

    2. It's Not You, It's Brie


    Kirsten Jackson gets to call herself a "cheese expert," which is really great, and her blog is full of cheese-related recipes and events, but it can also be used for its pictures if you scroll quickly through all the text bits. Her blog's titular book — which sounds like pretty much the go-to guide on cheese — came out in November.

    3. Heck Yeah Grilled Cheese

    HYGC is not always updated super frequently — sometimes every day, but sometimes every week or two — but its showings are consistently strong. (See above dinosaur grilled cheese.) This Tumblr is run by two women named Nina and Sara with seemingly very good taste in bread and cheese.

    4. Madame Fromage


    If someone asked you to describe the cheese you're eating and you had something to say besides "it has...cheesy...notes. A nice, cheesy sensation and texture to it... It's white-ish," then Madame Fromage might be the fancy cheese blog for you. The Madame offers you things to do with cheese aside from taking it out of the package and eating it directly. They sound good, but hard to make — but maybe not that hard? She's also in the California Artisan Cheese Guild. Mysterious!

    5. FotoSearch Cheese Stock Photography


    OK, this one isn't a blog, per se. But is a stock photo search really different from an image-based Tumblr? No, it isn't. And this is simply the best place to find pictures of cheese with really good descriptions. "Cheese isolated" and "An attractive happy, smiling man and woman married couple making a healthy sandwich with ham cheese and fresh salad in a modern kitchen" are among my favorites.

    The Most Disappointing Blogs About Cheese

    These cheese-based blogs sound good IN THEORY, but unfortunately they just aren't cutting it. (Ha ha ha.) (Sorryyy.)

    Fuck Yeah Cheese #1

    This Fuck Yeah Cheese is actually located at, which is confusing. There are only two pages of content, and these include a handful of non-cheese-related posts. Where is the heart with which you started this mission, FYC?

    The Best Mac & Cheese Blog on Tumblr / Via

    Things used to look so good for The Best Mac & Cheese Blog on Tumblr. For one, it was The Best Mac & Cheese Blog on Tumblr, however self-imposed the title. For another, its cursor was a block of cheese. Its archive page shows an impressive, tantalizing effort in 2011. But in 2012: macaroni and cheese only in May? Looks like someone is slipping to The Second Best Mac & Cheese Blog on Tumblr. Third, even.

    Fuck Yeah Cheese #2


    There are no posts at FuckYeahCheese.Tumblr.Com. It is a barren wasteland of cheeselessness. ("Wherefore art thou, cheese"? Nope, forget it!) How does one make a Tumblr devoted so enthusiastically to cheese and then abandon it so heartlessly before it had a chance to become great? We can only hope that the owners of FYC #2 are merely hunkered down, guarding the cheeses, preparing them for the day when the site is, finally, ready to be born again.

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