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The 12 Best Paranormal Sightings Of 2012

By January, many were already reporting reporting that 2012 was going to be a big year for UFO sightings. But 2012 wasn't just a big year for flying saucer sightings — it was a big year for the paranormal in general.

12. Sava Savanovic, The Serbian Vampire

11. Alien Pre-Crabs on Oahu

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Via khon2.com

The sandy shores of the Hawaiian island of O'ahu were covered this summer by "millions" (at least according to beachgoer Scott Paddock, though how do you really estimate that on sight?) of tiny, purple, moving dot creatures — tiny purple dots that were scaring sand crabs millions of times their size. The creatures stumped local biologists, which means they're from space. But probably they are larval crabs.

10. The Baltic Sea Millenium Falcon

9. The 2012 Olympic UFO

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"That does not look like a firework to me," reports a British man. "That was totally our blimp," replied Goodyear. But that's what they always say.

8. The Ukrainian Chupacabra

7. The Fruit Roll-Up Ghost

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We've mentioned this particular poltergeist before, but he's just too good not to earn a nod on this year-end list. A grocery store in south Australia caught a ghost throwing Fruit Roll-Ups, perhaps because he loves them too much, on their security cameras.

6. Bigfoot Reclining Like He's Just At The Beach


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This video depicts the UFO spotted by Aberdeenshire, Scotland residents Morag Ritchie and son-in-law Scott Bower. The lights were visible above Ritchie's home for several hours, and are captured in this brief video. (Watch the video here for the audio, with excellent accents.) Unlike similar UFO sightings commonly ruled out as paper lanterns (like this one in San Francisco), the lights maintain alignment, suggesting they (maybe!) could be attached to a craft.

4. Meteoric Iron Man From Space

3. UFO Over South Korea

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Via now.msn.com

This video was reportedly taken from a plane while flying over South Korea, which would at least eliminate the type of UFO hoax video that involves throwing something into the air over your head and taking a picture. It's a little boring-looking for my taste (all white?), but I guess not all aliens can have good taste in aircraft.

2. Bigfoot In Provo Canyon, Utah

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Via grindtv.com

Two hikers in Provo Canyon, UT were filming what they believed to be a bear when the animal suddenly stood up to reveal what appear to be thick forearms and a more human-like stance than what is typically expected of most bears. Then they ran like hell. Bigfoot! It's him!

1. UFO Over Denver


This is my favorite (and therefore the best) UFO sighting of 2012. It’s not the MOST thrilling or sharp UFO footage you’ll ever see, but I kind of think that’s what makes it so exciting. The object shown in the video is gray-ish and extremely fast, and reportedly shows up a few times a week. The surprisingly thorough coverage actually explains (and debunks) a few likely explanations, consulting an aviation expert and even sending the network’s very game reporter into the field for footage of their own. It’s the kind of video an X-Files enthusiast goes crazy over, and a good sighting to wrap up the year in paranormal with. The truth is out there!