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The 11 Creepiest Dolls Of All Time

Did it just blink??

1. Joliet

2. Robert the Doll

3. Annabelle

4. Mandy, Quesnel Museum

5. Pupa

According to legend, Pupa the doll was received as a gift by a young Italian girl in the 1920s. The doll, which reportedly has human hair, remained in her possession until she died in 2005. She told family members that Pupa was alive, and after her death, her family members reported that the doll's activity only increased — her glass case steaming up, messages like "Pupa hate" written on from the inside, shifting positions, and tapping the glass. Pupa's present location is unknown.

6. Elmo Knows Your Name Doll

7. Amelia

Amelia was once auctioned off on eBay, where she became one of the highest viewed items. Its seller posted "This doll is not recommended for the weak at heart or for any little kids to have in their bedrooms!" Apparently, its original owner claimed that Amelia's eyes were originally blue, but had glazed over in a creepy, glowing green despite being kept out of direct light. Once her eyes changed, weird things started happening. The person who purchased her reported that he found her standing in the hallway, heard her giggling, and once saw her wave.

8. Bebé

9. Caroline

10. Isla

Isla was also sold on eBay, sometime within the last 10 years. The story provided with her sale said that the doll's previous owner had received her in the 1800s and become very, very attached to her, spending extended periods of time in isolation with the doll. Every night, the owner would wake up after hearing the doll fall to the ground. In her attempt to take care of her, the owner began talking to Isla, and taking her for walks in a carriage. When she died in her sleep years later, the doll was transferred into storage, where passersby heard it crying. Its current owner claims to feel a strange and inexplicable attachment to Isla.

11. Harold

Harold is said to be "the first haunted doll sold on eBay," and his original auction sparked international interest from paranormal investigators. Stories about the doll's various owners have been said to suffer sudden illness and injury shortly after noticing the doll smiling at them.