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    The 10 Best Quotes From Miley Cyrus's "Today" Show Interview

    Miley performed "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" on the "Today" show this morning, and she also sat down for an interview with Matt Lauer. The best quotes, below.

    Miley Cyrus appeared on the Today Show this morning to perform her hit singles "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball."

    1. "[The attention] is kind of what I want. I'm an artist so I'm hoping that I get a little attention, otherwise my record sales might be a little sketch."

    2. "I don't ever really plan to offend people, um, but sometimes that just happens because I think people— you know, they're not open to what they don't understand. That's why what I'm doing is for my fans."

    3. "[The VMA performance] went exactly as planned. It's a month later and we're still talking about it."

    4. "You [Matt] can't help, every time you go by a wrecking ball, you just want to get naked and be on top of it."

    5. "This is who I am. I think it's only hard if you're trying to be something you're not. Being who you are is really easy."

    6. In response to Lauer asking when her "sexual phase" will stop: "I heard when you turn 40 things start to go a little less sexual, so probably around 40?"

    7. "Oh, [you're] 55? Well then you're really definitely not sexual."

    8. "I think [Sinead O'Connor] is an incredible artist, and an amazing songwriter, and I was really inspired by her for my 'Wrecking Ball' video."

    9. "For me the most important thing is being a really good person, and that doesn't depend on what you do on stage, that depends on how you treat people when you're offstage."

    10. "I can go to [my parents] with pretty much anything — a lot of kids have to hide things from their parents and I don't have to because my parents are just accepting. That's what real love is."

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