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    See The Hot New Bigfoot Sighting Filmed At Lake Tahoe

    Literally don't blink.

    This video, uploaded to YouTube a few days ago by "The Paranormal Review," was sent in by a viewer of the channel, who says he filmed the "possible Bigfoot sighting" after longboarding near Tahoe City.

    View this video on YouTube

    At 0:02, a fuzzy black shape appears in the video's upper left corner. Then the clip is replayed at slower speed, and the figure is shown again at 0:09.

    "This video was sent to us from one of our viewers whose username is couch potato," reads the caption.

    Couch potato writes, "I was long boarding near Lake Tahoe and recording some footage testing out my new GoPro Hero3+. I didn't notice the bigfoot like creature until I got home several days later and watched my videos."

    Here he is in gif form:

    He's right there.


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