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    18 Times Robin From "How I Met Your Mother" Spoke The Truth

    Be more like Canada's best (fictional) export.

    1. Don't mince words with the person who broke your heart.

    2. Take it a step further.

    3. Be direct.

    4. Challenge the people you care about.

    5. Shut it down.

    6. Drop that HP knowledge.

    7. Stand up for what's important.

    8. Be honest with your friends.

    9. And let them be honest, too.

    10. Don't let mansplaining stand.

    11. Eat the sandwich.

    12. Get your priorities in order.

    13. Don't sweat the small stuff.

    14. Don't worry if you feel crazy.

    15. Always have good manners.

    16. Know thyself.

    17. Remember, sarcasm doesn't work over email.

    18. And shop til you drop.