Quiz: Are You A Good Texter?

Sure, you send and receive text messages almost constantly. But are you even very good at it? Take our quiz and find out.

  1. 1. There is a friend with whom you haven't talked in a while and want to catch up.

    What do you text him/her to start the conversation?

    1. A Hi
    2. B what’s up
    3. C How have you been? We should talk soon!
  2. 2. The person you're texting with made a cute/charming/humorous comment.

    How do you signal your approval?

    1. A lol
    2. B Hahaha
    3. C :p
  3. 3. Someone you've been seeing romantically has texted you to see if you are available to go out tonight. You'd like to, but have other dinner plans.

    How do you respond?

    1. A I’m sorry, I’m busy! Another time!
    2. B Nah, can’t tonight
    3. C Wish I could, but I’ve got other plans. Let’s plan something else soon. :)
  4. 4. You've been on one or two dates with someone you're no longer interested in seeing. This person has, however, asked to see you this weekend.

    You respond:

    1. A Ahh, sorry, I’ll be out of town this weekend
    2. B Thanks, but I just don’t think I’m feeling a connection.
    3. C [No response]
  5. 5. You exchanged numbers with someone at a bar the other night and want to text him or her to let him or her know you're interested in hanging out.

    You text:

    1. A ;)
    2. B Hey babe, what are you up to?
    3. C Hi [their name], it’s [your name]. It was great meeting you the other night. Hope to see you again soon.
  6. 6. You're mad at your S.O. about a fight you had and want to let him or her know you're still upset.

    What do you text your S.O.?

    1. A I’m not happy about the way our talk ended. Can we try again tonight?
    2. B So I guess you’re probably already over last night, huh
    3. C I hope you’re having a good day at work so far.
  7. 7. The text message you just received from a friend/S.O. has a typo in it (your for you're, definately, etc.).

    You text back:

    1. A Your reply, with “It’s YOU’RE!/It’s DEFINITELY!” thrown in.
    2. B Your reply, with the correct spelling of the word wedged in “naturally.”
    3. C Your reply, with the typo unacknowledged.
  8. 8. You're meeting a friend for drinks and have agreed on the bar and time. She texts you, "See you then!"

    You reply:

    1. A k
    2. B Sounds good!
    3. C [Nothing]
  9. 9. After going out with friends, you find yourself in the neighborhood of the guy/girl you've recently started seeing. It's after midnight.

    You text:

    1. A [Nothing]
    2. B I’m in your neighborhood! You still up?
    3. C Just walked by your apartment on the way home. Can’t wait to see you again.
  10. 10. It's a major, national holiday.

    You send the following text:

    1. A “Merry Christmas!/Happy New Year!/Happy Thanksgiving!” to your entire contact list
    2. B “Merry Christmas!/Happy New Year!/Happy Thanksgiving!” to everyone you’ve ever hooked up with
    3. C “Merry Christmas!/Happy New Year!/Happy Thanksgiving!” to close friends and family you won’t be seeing in person
  11. 11. You texted a friend or romantic interest to see if s/he wanted to hang out a few days ago, and s/he never responded.

    To follow up, you text:

    1. A [Nothing]
    2. B Hey! Do you have plans this weekend? Let’s hang out soon!
    3. C Did you get my text the other night?

2. If you scored:

0-4: You are a Terrible Texter. This doesn’t have to be so hard! I know we’re working with limited space here, but you need to introduce full words and sentences into your texting lexicon. (Texticon?) Be more respectful, direct, and thoughtful with your texing. It will make your life better!

5-8: You are a Tepid Texter. You’ve got a handle on some of this, but other rules escape you. (Let me guess: you’re gonna fight me on “nah,” aren’t you?) A lot of these things slide with close friends and family, but to have broader appeal and success in the World Of Texting (which, incidentally, is just the normal world), you could afford to study up on a few of the above tips.

9-11: You are a Terrific Texter, and also a charming, intelligent, socially graceful human being. You’re not perfect, but who is? (Those of you who scored 11: you are actually perfect.) Keep up the good work, keep your little fingers rested, and keep sharing your wisdom with the masses.

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