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    Quiz: Are You A Good Texter?

    Sure, you send and receive text messages almost constantly. But are you even very good at it? Take our quiz and find out.

    If you scored:

    0-4: You are a Terrible Texter. This doesn't have to be so hard! I know we're working with limited space here, but you need to introduce full words and sentences into your texting lexicon. (Texticon?) Be more respectful, direct, and thoughtful with your texing. It will make your life better!

    5-8: You are a Tepid Texter. You've got a handle on some of this, but other rules escape you. (Let me guess: you're gonna fight me on "nah," aren't you?) A lot of these things slide with close friends and family, but to have broader appeal and success in the World Of Texting (which, incidentally, is just the normal world), you could afford to study up on a few of the above tips.

    9-11: You are a Terrific Texter, and also a charming, intelligent, socially graceful human being. You're not perfect, but who is? (Those of you who scored 11: you are actually perfect.) Keep up the good work, keep your little fingers rested, and keep sharing your wisdom with the masses.