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One Direction Fans Think Zayn Might Be Coming Back

This is the best conspiracy theory ever. (H/T Oh No They Didn't.)

Over the weekend, One Direction fans made the hashtag #ZaynIsComingBack trend worldwide on Twitter.

While the phrase may well be no more than wishful thinking, fans collected a timeline of pretty interesting evidence to support their theory that Zayn is coming back to the band.

First, the band's official Facebook page apparently deleted its March 25 post announcing that Zayn had left the band.

The band's official website has also reuploaded Zayn's profile.

Fans also pointed to a ~mysterious~ tweet from Simon Cowell from June 4.

Lots to tell you over the next few days. Just wanted to say hello. Depending on where you are good night or good morning.

Additionally, the band used a photo including Zayn as promo for their next tour stop.

And Google has reuploaded Zayn to the list of current One Direction members.

And finally, Naughty Boy, a producer with whom Zayn has been said to be working on new material, tweeted the following:

made enough to go legit but you just can't quit


Please, be gentle with our hearts.