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    Kylie Jenner Wants Us To Know The Truth About Chemtrails

    This is huge.

    Last night, famous family member Kylie Jenner tweeted the following image:

    The text reflects several of the most common beliefs among chemtrail conspiracy theorists, namely, that the American government is dosing the nation's people with chemicals. Believers in this conspiracy say the white streaks sometimes left in the sky by airplanes (otherwise known as water vapor) are evidence that something vague but very bad is happening.

    The image tweeted by Jenner suggests that one of those things is the "Dying off" of the "Honey Bee's," which admittedly is bad news.

    Many chemtrail conspiracists believe that the alleged chemicals being released 35,000 feet above our heads are used to induce submission — and as a result, it's those of us who aren't asking WHO THE F#*% THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA who are the fools.

    Jenner's tweet was met with a mixture of shock and delight:

    I don't think I know anything about Kylie Jenner except she's a Kardashian and she believes chemtrails are killing bees.

    That night I learned about chemtrails from Kylie Jenner.

    Lol Kylie Jenner believes in Chemtrails life is good as hell

    In response to a tweet by comedy writer Rob Fee, Kylie said she'd be willing to give a Ted Talk on the topic, which is "easiest of all the things going on in the world for [her] followers to understand."

    @robfee I'd do it. Ctrails to me are the easiest of all the things going on in the world for my followers to understand

    *****EVERYONE PLEASE NOTE***** The cool new word for chemtrails is "ctrails." Going forward, "chemtrails" is very uncool.

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