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    Kerry Washington Looks Way Different On The Cover Of Lucky Magazine

    She still looks GOOD, of course, because she's Kerry Washington. But what have they done to her??

    Kerry Washington is on the cover of the December/January issue of Lucky magazine, looking windswept and nearly unrecognizable.

    Patrick Demarchelier for Lucky Magazine / Via

    Why is her neck cut off with a red scarf? Why this outfit at all? (It's a dress from Christian Dior's 2014 resort wear collection.) And why is she covered in SO much frosty makeup??

    And here's a close-up of her face.

    What is the lighting situation going on here??

    The lighting/shadow on Washington's (pristine! perfect!) teeth is making them look a little off.

    This two-month-old photo from Washington's Instagram account looks like it may have been taken at the same shoot — the other woman pictured here is the shoot's stylist, and Washington hashtagged the photo "#PatrickDemarchelier," the photographer.

    Lucky! It doesn't have to be this way. Remember THIS gorgeous Kerry Washington cover?

    Or this one?

    (This Elle cover, while gorgeous, was admittedly not on newsstands and was available to subscribers only.)

    This Lucky cover is undeserving of the inimitable Kerry Washington.

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