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    Kate Hudson Sees Dead People

    And so does her mom Goldie Hawn.

    In an interview today on British talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man (brief clip here), Kate Hudson told Carr that both she and her mom, Goldie Hawn, can see dead people.

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    Hudson clarified, though, that it's not so much seeing-seeing as it is feeling-seeing. “It is not really seeing," she said. "It is feeling a spirit, a fifth energy."

    Is the fifth energy kind of like the sixth sense, but not quite as far? Hudson didn't say.

    In the interview, Hudson also outlined a few Best Practice Ghost Tips, which include:

    1. "When you see something, you are supposed to tell the energy what year it is and that they don't belong there."

    This is a great variation on "When you see something, say something."

    2. "When your brain is freaking out on you, you may have to remind it. Why is being dead funny?"

    Haha. IDK, Kate. IDEK.

    Hudson also told Carr that she's seen the "very creepy" ghost of a woman with no face. Picture Kate Hudson in your favorite Kate Hudson outfit from your favorite Kate Hudson movie, looking at a floating, faceless ghost woman and hissing: "It's 2014."

    Paramount / Via

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