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Is This Light Over The Bronx A UFO?

On the night of Monday 17, 2014, a resident of The Bronx noticed a strange light in the sky across the street from his house. What is it??

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BuzzFeed received this video from a tipster, who said his brother filmed the footage on his iPhone Monday night in the Bronx.

The above clip was taken from an approximately three-minute long video, which was shortened to be sent as a text.

What IS it. Is it one of those car dealership lights, managed by a very enthusiastic operator? Or is it AN ALIEN SPACESHIP FROM OUTER SPACE that has just realized it's been seen?? It LOOKS like the second one. Also maybe the first one. It is probably a spotlight. But a tricky thing for a UFO to do would be to look just enough like a spotlight that everyone around you said "that's a spotlight!" so you felt dumb.