How To Make A Candle That Will Make All Your Dreams Come True

    Or that will at least be really pretty and nice!

    Early-ish last Saturday morning I walked to Enchantments, New York's oldest witchcraft supply store, and probably the best store I've ever been to, witchcraft supply or not.

    The shop offers a few classes and events per month, and I'd signed up for one called "Introduction to Candle Magick," which I was drawn to because I love a good candle and I love when magic is spelled with a k on the end. MagicK, a version of a word that looks like it should be pronounced differently but isn't, like when "shown" is spelled "shewn" in Jane Austen novels. These are a few of my favorite things!

    Maybe you, too, have a soft spot for old-timey spelling, or maybe you have some money- or love-related problems (or both, am I right), or maybe you think it would feel nice to hack away at a wax candle with a knife for a while. Here is how to make your whole life better by carving pretty designs into a candle and coating it in glitter.

    1. Pick a color.

    2. Pick a seal.

    3. Carve your candles.

    4. Anoint your candle with oil, glitter, and incense.

    5. Tell your candle what you want it to do.