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Ghost, Outraged By Torturous Existence Between Life And Death, Trips Woman

"Lmao" — this ghost.

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This recent security camera footage, captured in the lobby of a law office in Santiago, Chile, shows a ghost pushing over Cecilia Carrasco (according to Cecilia Carrasco).

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As reported by the American Bar Association Journal, for some reason, Carrasco has attributed her rather sudden fall to a ghost. In an interview, she states that the floor was not wet, and that she felt hands push her to the ground, though no (human) hands are visible in the footage.

Take a closer look:

The next time you are walking somewhere, or even just standing there, and you trip over nothing, and you turn to glare at the ground behind you for the benefit of anyone that might have seen you, as if to say, "I cannot believe the state of this sidewalk, somebody should email the mayor," consider the possibility that you are not clumsy, it's just that you've been pushed by a deeply unhappy ghost. It's not you.

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