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    17 Reasons Australian Shepherds Are The World's Best Dogs

    It's just true.

    2. They make the cutest, squishiest little pups.

    3. But they make beautiful adults, too.

    4. Aussies are super athletic and energetic.

    5. But they're also total goofballs.

    6. Aussies love their humans SO much.

    7. And they also really love each other.

    8. Some Aussies have two different colored eyes, which is very cool.

    9. They're adorable when they're little baby dorks...

    10. ... and even adorable-er when they're older and just moping around.

    11. Aussies are very loyal, and look at their owners like they're the best person alive.

    12. Most Aussies don't love bath time...

    13. ... but many of them love to get wet and swim (especially with a buddy).

    14. Australian Shepherds are a VERY intelligent breed.

    15. And they'll be patient through your silliest hijinks.

    16. Australian Shepherds make the best nap-time partners.

    17. And if you love them, they'll be there for you until the end.

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