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    An Incomplete But Definitely Exhaustive Review Of Bigfoot Erotica

    It's a lot.

    Not very deep into the recesses of Amazon's Kindle Store, there exists a surprisingly vast collection of monster erotica. (Monsterotica.) You have your vampires, your ghosts, your ambiguous-but-well-endowed shape-shifting night walkers.

    And then you have your Bigfoots.

    We are living in something of a Bigfoot erotica heyday. Earlier this year, The Daily Beast reported that Virginia Wade's 16-book Bigfoot erotica series, Cum for Bigfoot, has earned her up to $30,000 per month through Kindle Direct Publishing.

    I have always really liked Bigfoot, in a platonic way. So, to better understand this newly popular way of thinking about him, I read seven of the most popular works of Bigfoot erotica and assessed them by several relevant qualities. A note: The "Horny Bigfoots" rating is an admittedly subjective metric that is based on overall impressions about the story's sexiness, humor, plot, and writing quality.

    Bigfoot Did Me From Behind and I Liked It, Raven Blackbird

    Horny Bigfoots: 3/5.

    Bigfoot's New Mate, Soichiro Irons

    Horny Bigfoots: 3/5.

    Bigfoot Depravity, Robyn North

    Horny Bigfoots: 1/5.

    Bigfoot's Gay!, Candy Banger

    Horny Bigfoots: 3/5.

    Boffing Bigfoot, Ann L. Probe

    Horny Bigfoots: 5/5.

    Cum for Bigfoot, Virginia Wade

    Horny Bigfoots: 3.5/5?