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    An Eagle Took Down A Full-Grown Deer In Russia, And There's A Picture

    The attack is reportedly the first of its kind captured in a photograph.

    This photo, captured during routine filming of a nature reserve populated by Siberian tigers, shows a golden eagle attacking a sika deer.

    It's very rare for a golden eagle to attack mammals as large as full-grown deer.

    Golden eagles typically hunt other birds or smaller mammals (like rabbits and squirrels), though there are rarer documented instances of the birds hunting larger prey, like a brown bear cub.

    Linda Kerley — who studies Amur tigers and leopards at the Lazovsky National Reserve in Russia — found photos of the deer attack while performing a routine check of the camera equipment. She, along with Dr. Jonathan C. Slaght of the Wildlife Conservation Society, submitted an article on these events (believed to be the first of their kind) to the Journal of Raptor Research.

    This is *almost* as crazy as that time we briefly thought an eagle picked up a human baby.

    View this video on YouTube

    (This video, however thrilling, later turned out to be fake.)

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