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A Reminder That, Actually, Felicity Was The Best American Girl Doll

NOT Molly, are you serious.

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Cruelly, Felicity was "archived" in 2011.

This is basically the same thing as when your parents told you that your beloved 13-year-old dog Daisy had to move to a large farm upstate so she could play with all the other dogs.

1. If any of the historical American Girl dolls should be brought back, it's Felicity. Look at the pep in her step.

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Not everyone can make the same calico dress work every day of the year because they don't have Elizabeth Cole's budget, but Felicity could. Felicity embodies the pioneer American spirit.


9. In an era in which girls were expected to be ladylike above all else, Felicity challenged norms and expectations.


Felicity was independent, stubborn, and spirited, eschewing domestic duties in favor of adventure — also refusing to ride her horse side saddle, like a "lady" should do.

10. Felicity and her BFF Elizabeth were role models for fun, supportive friendship between young girls.


Even though they had different backgrounds, Elizabeth and Felicity complemented each other's personalities, and preferred to talk about life, politics, and ideas over clothing and boys.