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    7 Things We Felt On Our White Castle Valentine's Day Dinner Date

    What it's really like to eat Valentine's Day dinner in a White Castle.

    Every year on February 14th, White Castle restaurants around the country take dinner reservations for a special, romantic White Castle dining experience.

    The degree to which your local White Castle participates in this Valentine's Day tradition may vary (some locations offer candles and music, some ... do not), but most get in the holiday spirit with pink and red balloons, tablecloths, streamers, and more. Sliders are ordered off a printed menu from a server, and prom-type pictures can be taken in front of a heart-lined photo wall. These are available online two weeks after Valentine's Day, and, if you want, you can order your photo on a White Castle coffee mug.

    We, coworkers and platonic friends Katie Heaney and Arianna Rebolini, made our Valentine's Day dinner reservations for 5:45 pm at the East Williamsburg White Castle in New York. Here are all the things we felt about it.

    1. Giddy Anticipation

    2. Pride And Belonging

    3. The Inevitable Letdown Of Unmet Romantic Expectations

    4. Reconfigured Optimism And Appreciation

    5. Existential Dread

    6. The Unmistakable Blend Of Hunger And Nausea

    7. Acceptance