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    31 Reasons Tina Belcher Is The Coolest Teen On TV

    Tina Belcher, the 13-year-old star of Bob's Burgers, is the middle school best friend you always wanted.

    1. She's great with puns.

    2. She knows how much lying on the floor can help with feelings.

    3. It's just easier to deal with things from the floor.

    4. She's tenacious.

    5. ... Really tenacious.

    6. She isn't afraid to try unusual new hobbies ...

    7. ... even/especially if her instructor is a major babe.

    8. She's awkward, but not afraid.

    9. She's a dedicated, talented writer.

    10. She values a good night's rest.

    11. She knows practice makes perfect.

    12. And now she's got that hair flip down.

    13. She'll occasionally try out new looks ...

    14. ... but she'll always stay true to her trademark style.

    15. She knows when it's time to move on.

    16. She's open-minded ...

    17. ... but she isn't afraid to say what she wants.

    18. She workshops her ideas until they're ready for the public.

    19. She's kind to animals.

    20. Even the mean ones.

    21. She has incredible dance moves.

    22. She's unashamed about the various horrors of puberty.

    23. She's comfortable in her sexuality.

    24. Really comfortable.

    25. She's resilient.

    26. She takes a very proactive approach.

    27. She takes people at their word.

    28. She's always up front about who she is.

    29. Butts.

    30. She's a modern teen feminist.

    31. And she's got the BEST teen groan in the world.

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