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    28 Reasons Ben Wyatt Is The Best TV Boyfriend Of All Time

    Don't tell me, "Oh, he's married now, and also not real." I don't want to hear it.

    1. He's got great assets.

    Brains AND butt. I mean, beauty.

    2. He's a Letters to Cleo fan.

    And you know this is his favorite shirt, because it's the one he goes to when he's temporarily unemployed.

    3. When he makes plans, he follows through on them.

    4. You never have to worry that he'll get himself into trouble.

    If your ex happens to be a cop, though, he'll find a way to deal. For you.

    5. He's a little stubborn, but he's not unchangeable.

    He'll change his stance on a whole city just because you're in it.

    6. He's not ashamed to be a dork.

    He even owns his own Batman suit.

    7. He's modest.

    8. In fact, he's learned humility on many separate occasions.

    Being a failed teen mayor teaches you lots of valuable life lessons EARLY.

    9. He's great at giving you commiserating looks when someone says something stupid.

    10. He's honest about his feelings.

    11. He loves a good game night.

    A wild guys' night for him means a night spent playing Settlers of Catan.

    12. He knows how to let loose.*media*tumblr*com%7Ctumblr_mbirb3LzKq1qkhylgo1_500*gif/

    All it takes is five or seven cups of Snake Juice.

    13. He's creative in his compliments.

    From him, this is the highest praise.

    14. He's helpful and he's not pushy about it.

    15. He's polite.

    (And yes, AFRAID OF COPS.)

    16. That little smile when he sees you.

    17. His facial expressions in general.

    18. He's crafty.

    He almost made a stop-motion film once, sort of!

    19. He'll make you mac and cheese pizza.

    What else do you need?

    20. He's been a great kisser since the beginning.

    21. Yep, still good.

    Even in the elements. ESPECIALLY in the elements??

    22. Seriously, REALLY GOOD.

    23. He'll bring you a cake in the shape of your first initial ...

    24. ... and waffles at the hospital.

    And he won't judge you if you use your hands.

    25. He's always sweet and never cheesy.

    26. He's protective.

    He's only jealous of one man: Vice President Joe Biden. Understandable!

    27. And he's always got your back.

    28. GUHHHHH

    Ben Wyatt for Best Boyfriend Ever? Case: CLOSED.