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    27 Struggles Every Grad Student Knows To Be True

    Oops, just called something "problematic" again.

    1. You still get terror flashbacks to these.

    2. The amount of materials you need open for any one project or paper.

    3. You need to buy a small library for every semester.

    4. On the plus side, stacking books is...sort of a skill?

    5. Buying used books and discovering the owners ahead of you had...interesting ideas about how to use highlighters.

    6. Your idea of a "fun purchase" is a new pack of sticky notes.

    7. You identify deeply with this late-night grocery run.

    8. And this one.

    9. The adjustment period of learning each new professor's uniquely indecipherable note-writing style.

    10. Your gradual, almost imperceptible adoption of academese.

    11. You, in the library, on the most beautiful day of the year.

    12. You have printed out probably 17–20 trees at this point.

    13. You dread nothing more than hearing the words "power" and "point" in the same sentence.

    14. You've developed a sliding scale for what "messy" means.

    15. You've become a MASTER of the one-page cheat sheet.

    16. You have become a very specific kind of hoarder.

    17. You don't recognize the difference between weekdays and weekend days.

    18. You know that mail is never a good thing.

    19. You will do WHATEVER. IT. TAKES. To stay awake.

    20. You've developed a very insular, very delirious sense of humor.

    21. Your meals are a means to survival ONLY.

    22. Your walls look like a serial killer's. IT'S FINE.

    23. What the space next to your sink constantly looks like.

    24. You loooooooooove pop culture references. Love 'em.

    25. You've tried the "I'll just go to bed now, at 8 p.m., and finish this work at 2 a.m." thing.

    26. There is really only one word that matters to you anymore.

    27. Oh, and this one.

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