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    Jul 21, 2015

    25 Times Closed Captions Were The Best Part Of TV

    [Laughs knowingly.]

    1. Okay.


    2. Heh.


    3. Pretty much.

    HAHAHA look how the closed captions described Janice's laugh

    4. Makes sense.

    5. BRAH

    6. You know what they mean.

    7. Terrifying.

    8. You know it.

    9. ?!?!

    10. Oh really?

    11. You can hear it, can't you?

    12. Same, girl.

    13. Also same.

    14. Harsh.

    Even my closed captions aren't too thrilled with this season of SNL

    15. Hm.

    16. ?????

    the closed captions on supernatural >>>

    17. :-/

    18. AHHH

    19. Er.

    It's a job someone has to write closed captions for "Pingu."

    20. Just trust us, it's dramatic.

    teen wolf closed captions are the literal best closed captions

    21. :(((((((((

    22. Helpful!

    Great moments in closed captions #slystallone

    23. Oh definitely.

    i thought that these closed-captions were for the hard of hearing... "oh yes, the sound of a barium sulphate slurry"?

    24. Why??

    some closed captions are so ridiculous like this one

    25. All you need to know.

    BLITZ has the best closed captions, part 2:

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