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Posted on Dec 6, 2013

25 Reasons "When Harry Met Sally" Is The Perfect Holiday Movie

The classic romantic comedy contains a LOT of seasonally appropriate wisdom.

1. It's the start of winter. The days are getting shorter and shorter, and you're feeling a little ... grim.

2. OK, REALLY grim. It's just sooooo dark outside.

3. It's time to get yourself a snack—maybe a slice of apple pie (heated, strawberry ice cream on the side)—and cozy in to watch the best romantic comedy of all time.

4. The holidays are, in part, about believing in miracles, like the idea that two people who think of each other like this:

5. ... could end up thinking of each other like this:

Ughghgh, that part when they're twirling and you can see from their faces that they're falling a little in love.

6. The holidays are also an emotional time for everyone.

7. And spirits can run a little high.

Too much Baileys Irish Cream, I think.

8. That's why it's so nice to watch two people come together despite the odds.

9. This is also a movie that offers a great deal of very useful holiday-related advice.

10. For one, the autumn/winter-weather looks in this movie are an inspiration in subtly-matching couples' wear.

11. Just look at the cables on those knit sweaters.

12. The lesson here is, if you're wondering what clothes to buy your significant other, pick something you would wear yourself.

13. Next, try not to embarrass yourself too thoroughly when your friends/family get together for parlor games.

14. If you'll be away from loved ones, don't forget to call.

15. It's best if you can bring someone with to help you carry your Christmas tree ...

16. .. but if you set your mind to it, you can do it alone, too.

17. Maybe don't kiss a good friend at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve and expect it not to be a little emotionally confusing.

18. But sometimes it's a really good idea anyway.

19. Now is not the time to set up your single friends on dates.

There's just too much pressure.

20. At your office holiday party, be aware of your dancing limitations.

21. And remember that if you get a gift you don't like ...

22. ... you can always fake it.

23. When you visit, don't forget to ask your grandparents/aunts and uncles how they met.

24. And though you may be very excited for the holidays to get here NOW ...

25. ... patience is a virtue.

*clutches heart*

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