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23 Struggles All Administrative Assistants Will Understand

Please stop stealing all my pens.

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1. Developing an extensive and intricate Post-It system that you couldn't explain to anyone else if you tried.

2. Knowing that even this probably won't keep them from disappearing.

3. The things you do when you are bored at your desk. Like this.

5. Being solely responsible for the conflicting schedules of dozens of people.

6. The small, singular joy of using the office postage stamp machine.

7. Having a desk that looks like this.

8. And magically turning it into a set of beautiful, neat stacks for everyone else to enjoy.

Haha JK it's not magic. It took years.


9. The fun sounds you get to hear in your surrounding environment all day.

10. "Where is the printer paper?" —Everyone, somehow

11. Them: "Can you change the toner?" You: [sigh]

12. You know what, you just aren't gonna have clean hands at this job.

13. The gifts your bosses get you.

14. Your perpetual, dangerous proximity to the candy drawer.

15. Having to take notes during meetings in which you barely have any idea what anyone's talking about.

16. When your work gets in the way of what you're *actually* trying to concentrate on.

17. The way your co-workers "inform" you that one of the office supplies has run out.

18. Realizing that you are also considered the office maid.

19. And trying to come up with a way to phrase the kitchen signs that isn't, "You are all pigs."

20. Knowing what it feels like to fall in love with an object.

21. Your growing expertise in "things that can be turned into makeshift paper cut bandages."

22. Giving in to using one of these.

23. The unparalleled terror of returning to your desk to this sight.