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    21 Things That Happen When You Live With Your Best Friend

    Sooo many in-jokes.

    1. You stop locking doors.

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    Or closing them at all, really.

    2. You become very direct about bathroom supplies.

    3. You start mimicking each other's sleeping schedule ... and sometimes do it together.


    4. You reserve one day a week for ordering delivery and watching Netflix together.

    5. You develop your own getting ready routine, and a LOT of it is talking.


    You've even divided up the mirror.

    6. You have sleepovers because sometimes you stay up so late talking that it's easier than going back to your own bed.


    7. You become co-detectives in the ongoing mystery that is your lives.

    8. You end up seeing, um, a lot more of each other than you planned on.

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    9. You get a little homesick whenever you two have to separate during the daytime.


    10. You make mistakes.


    Even the best of roommates can't be perfect ALL the time.

    11. You go out to get coffee or a snack for yourself and come back with something for your roomie-BFF, too.

    12. You start speaking and gesturing like each other.


    And neither of you notices at all.

    13. You borrow each other's clothes. Sometimes without asking first.


    What's yours is theirs.

    14. You text each other from your beds.

    15. You have an emotional send-off any time one of you goes out of town for the weekend.


    And a whole WEEK? Forget about it.

    16. You give each other plenty of heads up.

    17. You accept that one of you is just always going to be the better cleaner of the two of you.


    No passive aggressive notes needed.

    18. You get very interesting ideas for things to do when you're both still fully awake at 2:00 AM.

    19. When you argue, it can get a little vicious.


    Nobody knows how to push your buttons like they do.

    20. But your make-ups are quick and involve lots of hugging.


    Omg I'm so so so sooooooo sorrryyyyy.

    21. Neither of you can talk about the idea of NOT living together without starting to cry.



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