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21 Things That Happen When You Live With Your Best Friend

Sooo many in-jokes.

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2. You become very direct about bathroom supplies.

4. You reserve one day a week for ordering delivery and watching Netflix together.

Probably you didn't even realize it was happening, but now every Sunday is SAVED.


7. You become co-detectives in the ongoing mystery that is your lives.

11. You go out to get coffee or a snack for yourself and come back with something for your roomie-BFF, too.

Because know you know all their favorites.


14. You text each other from your beds.

Doesn't matter if you're only 20 feet away.

16. You give each other plenty of heads up.

... and sometimes decide to just let the other person deal with it.


18. You get very interesting ideas for things to do when you're both still fully awake at 2:00 AM.

No one else will understand, but whatever.