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    21 Things Every Minnesotan Has To Do At The Start Of Winter

    Fiiiine, let it snow.

    1. Start paying very close attention to the forecast starting November 1.

    2. Experience an emotional roller coaster at the first snow.

    3. Make wild rice soup with the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers.

    4. Stock up on the good stuff.

    5. Try to sled before it's time.

    6. Get one last wear out of those summer tennis shoes.

    7. See the forecast and go, "Pffft."

    8. Then see the forecast and go, "Oh, shit."

    9. Search under the backseat for your scraper.

    10. Break out the hockey skates.

    11. Put the bike away, then take it back out when it's somehow 62 degrees again for a day.

    12. Say goodbye to the bike again.

    13. Perfect that hot cocoa routine.

    14. Forget that it was supposed to snow that day.

    15. Get ambitious with snow structure design.

    16. Get ice cream.

    17. Start praying for snow days.

    18. Instagram your seasonal Caribou cup.

    19. Say goodbye to a clean car for five or six months.

    20. Shovel out the grill.

    21. Rush inside to bundle up in a favorite blanket.