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    Posted on Feb 3, 2015

    21 Signs You're Hopelessly Hooked On "Law & Order: SVU"


    1. You can finish the show's intro from memory.


    Whisper it right now. You know you can do it.

    2. You can identify the season you're watching by the length of Olivia Benson's hair.

    NBC / Via

    And you stand firmly on either Team Long or Team Short.

    3. You've scheduled social obligations around SVU marathons.

    NBC / Via

    Ohhh, Saturday 10–6 is out for me, sorry.

    4. You've physically gotten up from your couch/bed to cheer for an Olivia Benson line.

    NBC / Via

    More than once.

    5. You've convinced yourself you have a special talent for detecting guilt.

    NBC / Via

    And it doesn't have anything to do with the way the show is shot or anything!

    6. You've made mental notes for a spin-off show centered on M.E. Warner.

    NBC / Via

    A minute or two every few episodes IS NOT ENOUGH.

    7. You suffered more emotional turmoil at the hands of Benson and Stabler than you have in any relationship of your own.

    NBC / Via

    Should they??? They shouldn't. But SHOULD THEY???

    8. You were inconsolable when you learned Christopher Meloni wouldn't be returning to the show.

    NBC / Via

    Sure, he was volatile, angry, sometimes kinda unethical, but he was SO SEXY.

    9. However. Nick Amaro has been a VERY pleasant surprise.

    NBC / Via

    *Bangs gavel* I'll allow it.

    10. You've seen Rollaro fan fiction on Tumblr. BARELY skimmed. Only read a little.

    NBC / Via

    Hmm. Interesting stuff there.

    11. You speak about court procedure with the authority of a 23-year-old who's completed one semester of law school.

    NBC / Via

    Listen. It's all about precedent.

    12. You've applied psychoanalysis you learned from Dr. Huang to your friends and family members.

    NBC / Via

    Seems like everyone around here but me is suffering from classic narcissistic personality disorder.

    13. You know there can only be one.

    One of these women represents the fight for true justice. The other is a mere simulacrum.

    14. Your motivational Pinterest board would just be every one-liner Fin has ever spoken.

    15. You have a learned Pavlovian reaction where if Olivia Benson cries, you cry.

    NBC / Via

    If she isn't strong enough NONE OF US ARE.

    16. You know and can recite the plot of this episode on sight.

    NBC / Via

    And the same is true of every other celebrity cameo episode.

    17. You can spot a ripped-from-the-headlines SVU plotline in the making. / Via

    Just give it a few months.

    18. You feel like a successful cult leader each time you introduce a friend to the SVU backlogs.

    NBC / Via

    It doesn't seem possible that there are people who aren't already hooked, but they're out there. And you'll find them.

    19. You've made this your computer background.

    NBC / Via

    Or you will now.

    20. You panicked when it was announced that Seasons 1–12 would be taken off Netflix streaming.



    21. You never felt closer to Taylor Swift than when she said this:

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