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21 Secrets Victoria's Secret Employees Will Never Tell You

Three words that make a nightmare: panty bar shift.

1. Yes, employees know the panty table looks like a natural disaster zone. It's a never-ending battle.

And when you toss aside 10 panties you don't want to find the one pair you do, everyone who works there hates you a little bit.

2. The Semi-Annual Sale might be your favorite time of year, but it's an employee's waking nightmare.

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There WAS an organizing system to those bra bins, once. Promise.

3. No, seriously. You have NO IDEA what the back of the store looks like during SAS.

4. And any "great deal" on panties is basically our biggest nightmare.

Twitter: @VSpr0b

All. The. Folding.

5. Employees hate asking you to sign up for an Angel card as much as you hate being asked.

But they're given a quota, soooo...

6. Employees can tell pretty much immediately when you're wearing the wrong bra size.

And they just want to help you.

7. They've seen things.

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However, it's not that weird — it's just part of the job.

8. Customers occasionally return their products in a condition you'd need to see to believe.

It really gives the term "intimates" a whole new meaning.

9. Work at a Victoria's Secret for even a month and you'll become an expert bra detective for life.

10. Every woman who works at Victoria's Secret has approximately 12309128410 bras.

It's the discount and the hours spent looking at nothing but colorful bras.

11. And if every employee in the store smells the same, there's a reason why.

(Until they stop working there, and then they'll never want to smell those mists again.)

12. People who work at VS feel a weird kinship with the Angels.


Even if not everyone actually watches the show, the models in it feel sort of like the patron saints of the store.

13. This is...pretty much true.

There isn't much that's more awkward than a man shopping for a girlfriend/wife on his own in a Victoria's Secret.

14. They kind of wish the bra drawers were locked and only employees had the key.

Clearly the honor system isn't really working.

15. Pretty much everyone's confused a mannequin for a person. At least once.

Especially likely to happen when you're working an overnight stocking shift.

16. And there is a part of every back room that looks a little bit like a creepy haunted house.

17. Most people who work there don't really "get" the PINK mini dogs, either.

Yes, they're cute, but???

18. The employees kind of love the all-black uniform.

It's so easy, AND it's not always obvious to customers that they're employees. (Which is not the worst thing ever.)

19. Their work update texts are probably a bit more scandalous than yours.

20. Overnight floor sets almost always include a picnic.

It's a loooooong night, so employees like to make the most of it.

21. That's why there are after-hours dance parties, too.

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Because at the end of a long day, the people still there are a team.