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21 Reasons To Miss Having A First Day Of School

Who wants to go backpack shopping?

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Most of the time you couldn't be happier to be done with school.

But then you hear everyone talking about going Back To School, and you can't help it.

You get a little romantic about it, because ...

1. There was just so much hopeful school spirit on a first day.

2. You got to get your picture taken. Well, you HAD to.

3. So you spent days (maybe weeks) planning your perfect first day outfit.

4. Because first days of school seemed like a chance to make an impression.

5. Sometimes this didn't work out quite like you planned. But there's always next year!

6. You're so nervous and self-conscious you could die, but in a good way, kind of?

7. If there's an undercurrent of misery here, it's shared.

8. You see all the friends you missed over summer.

9. And catch up with them during passing times. (Doesn't a 7 minute break every hour now sound AWESOME?)

10. And there were so many potential new friends in every new class.

11. You knew exactly what you were having for lunch each day.

12. There is no joy more reliable than textbook smell.

13. And new notebooks. (And pens, and pencils ...)

14. Personalizing your locker: the first (and cheapest) interior decorating you ever did.

15. You felt motivated, studious, ready for your first homework assignments.

16. Your crush could have been assigned to sit next to you in any one of your classes. It could happen!

17. So could this! OMG can you imagine.

18. At the very least, there was always a couple like this (immediately!) that you could complain about with your friends at lunch.

19. It was all just so melodramatic!

20. This was you by the end of the first week.

21. But on the first day of school, you were READY.

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