21 Reasons To Make Julian Morris Your New Bae

    *sweats profusely* Hi.

    1. When he showed up on New Girl recently, playing a teacher named Ryan with an, uh, interesting last name.

    2. When he rolled up his denim shirt sleeve and stared smolderingly into the black and white distance:

    3. When he ran toward you in a suit in a GQ:

    4. When he quite literally sprayed himself with a hose for your viewing benefit.

    5. When he looked positively cuddle-to-death-able in this sweatshirt and jaunty knit cap:

    6. When he posted this shirtless video selfie with overlaid text to Instagram and you were like "Hahahahahaha, WHAT? Yes."

    7. When he made you be like, "Yep, you know what, smoking IS very cool."

    8. When he looked sexily uninterested while getting his cute little hair combed into a cute little perfect part:

    9. When he thoughtfully tilted his head just so you could fully appreciate the surgical precision of his bone structure.

    10. When he watched Spencer Hastings walk away liiiiiiike ...

    11. When he ... ahhhh ... ahaha what was I going to say

    12. When he posted this adorable #tbt with his Nokia phone:

    13. When he did the hot-person costume thing of just putting on an indeterminate animal's nose and whiskers because WHO CARES, LOOK AT HIM

    14. When he frolicked in a pool with a blow-up killer whale, displaying his playful side.

    15. When he gave sassy eyebrow raise in yet another jaunty knit cap:

    16. When he posed in the back of a pickup truck with hula hoops and you were like, "What? OK!"

    17. When he posted this extremely collegiate #tbt of himself at an Obama rally in 2008.

    18. When he kissed Spencer Hastings liiiiiiike ...

    19. When he squinted into the camera though the sun was clearly behind him but then you realize it's probably from the glow that surrounds him always:

    20. When he looked over his shoulder at you like "I'm sad you're not on this white sectional couch with me, let's do something about that."

    21. When he— HAHA are you actually kidding me right now.