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    21 Reasons Ciara Is The Undisputed Queen Of Dance

    *jaw drops*

    1. It's been 9 years since Ciara first gifted the world with videos of her dancing.

    2. She gave us the one, two step.

    3. And several excellent variations on twerking, like this one.

    4. And this one, with Nicki Minaj's assistance.

    5. And THIS ONE.

    6. She's got the best hair whip game of anyone.

    7. She's the only person who even comes close to rivaling Beyoncé's shoulder shake.


    9. Her dancing both destroys ...

    10. ... and revives.

    11. She's got a great belly roll.

    12. Like, really great.

    13. Pretty much one of the best.

    14. The only thing better than 1 Ciara dancing is 2 Ciaras dancing, together.

    15. She's also very good at humping the floor!

    16. How is she .... how?

    17. W...what!

    18. Imagine yourself practicing this in a mirror. Just imagine it.

    19. Well, she must not have joints like a normal person.

    20. Or bones. I don't think she has bones.

    21. *forgets what I was going to say*