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    19 Times Nail Art Went Way Too Far

    More like ... FAIL art.

    1. There is no way she's lifting that hand.

    2. This Ren-Faire nerd manicure.

    3. *Shields eyes from glitter*

    4. This looks arrr-ful. Haha sorry.

    5. Is this 1920s-themed? Why?

    6. This Lisa Frank crime scene.

    7. A look that says, "I don't want to be able to do anything."

    8. No.

    9. Stop.

    10. What good is this if you can't eat it.

    11. We're heavy into mermaids around here.

    12. That bow and arrow is breaking off in two seconds.

    13. What on EARTH?

    14. These coral claws.

    15. Where do her hands stop?

    16. These Illuminati daggers.

    17. This E.T. monstrosity.

    18. If this is true, why waste even a day with this on your nails.

    19. These guns.