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    19 Things Only RPG Nerds Will Find Funny

    For those who know the true, pre-Twitter meaning of DM.

    1. This café sign.

    2. This die. (NOT dice.)

    3. This arrow to the knee.

    4. Haha, get it.

    5. This glitch.

    6. This RPG/Xzibit mashup.

    7. This penis joke.

    8. This bacon recreation.

    9. This character matrix.

    10. This baby jumper.

    11. Lol, been there.

    12. This engagement ring.

    13. This comic strip.

    14. This LARP birthday cake.

    15. This Skyrim screenshot.

    16. This classic dialogue.

    17. This Valentine's Day card.

    18. This Game of Thrones RPG mock-up.

    19. This Freaks and Geeks highlight.