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    Posted on Oct 2, 2013

    19 Things Only RPG Nerds Will Find Funny

    For those who know the true, pre-Twitter meaning of DM.

    1. This café sign.

    2. This die. (NOT dice.)

    Love a good 20-sided die joke.

    3. This arrow to the knee.

    4. Haha, get it.

    5. This glitch.

    6. This RPG/Xzibit mashup.

    7. This penis joke.

    8. This bacon recreation.

    9. This character matrix.

    10. This baby jumper.

    11. Lol, been there.

    12. This engagement ring.

    You'll always roll a 20 to me, babe.

    13. This comic strip.

    14. This LARP birthday cake.

    15. This Skyrim screenshot.

    16. This classic dialogue.

    17. This Valentine's Day card.

    18. This Game of Thrones RPG mock-up.

    19. This Freaks and Geeks highlight.*media*tumblr*com%7Ctumblr_me29ibLytW1r622xmo1_500*jpg/

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