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19 Things Every Tall Girl Understands As Told By Taylor Swift

The struggle is real.

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1. You have to bend WAY over to be even with other people in pictures.

2. Even sitting down, you're usually taller than all your friends.

3. "Yes, I'll sit down in the front." — you

All in the name of good group formation.


8. "One size fits all" does not apply to you.

10. Your friends have to struggle a little bit to hug you, but they do their best.

12. Your limbs are the length of other people's whole bodies.

13. And "your legs start at your armpits" is a joke you're VERY familiar with.

14. That feeling when you find a floor-length dress that's *actually* floor-length on you.

18. You know if you wear heels, you're committing to being literally 7 feet tall.

Sometimes you just have to revel in it.