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    19 Signs You've Seen Too Much "CSI"

    I could totally be a forensic scientist, you guys.

    1. You'll never be able to hear this song without picturing, like, exploding organs ever again.

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    2. You've gotten into actual arguments about whether bearded Grissom or beardless Grissom is best.


    3. The lab tech flirtation between Hodges and Simms was your Jim and Pam.

    4. You can tell which season you're watching by Greg's haircut. How much bleach? How much spike or swoop?

    5. You have a higher gore tolerance than is probably healthy.

    6. You know that Nick Stokes is the unlikeliest softie of the whole group.

    7. Catching a rerun of one of the Miniature Killer episodes feels like finding buried treasure.

    And yes, of course you went to the traveling CSI science museum exhibit and took pictures of the Miniature Killer room props.

    8. When Catherine Willows said this, you felt like she mostly meant you.

    9. You sobbed.

    10. The O.C.'s Julie Cooper IS dominatrix Lady Heather. They are one and the same.

    11. You can hear Sara Sidle's deep gravelly-voiced wisecracks in your head.

    12. You're not mad that Nick Stokes shot Justin Bieber.

    13. When the writers gave Hodges a "genetic quirk" that lets him smell otherwise-undetectable cyanide, you were like, "Sure."

    14. You show off by saying "GSR" as much as possible. Nobody is impressed.

    15. And you know that on CSI: Las Vegas, the acronym "GSR" has TWO meanings.

    And one of them is sexyyyyyy.

    16. Whenever a friend loses her keys or something, you're like:

    17. You're pretty convinced you could fill in for any real-life CSI who might be out sick or something.

    You're like, "Just give me a pair of gloves."

    18. After all, if this goofball can make it up the ranks, so could you, right??

    19. Overall, you just have a fundamental misunderstanding of the actual role of actual crime scene investigators.

    Are they NOT also all interrogators, detectives, bomb detonators, and hostage negotiators?

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