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19 Signs You Can't Cook To Save Your Life

Which one is the saucepan again?

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2. You want to be someone who ACTUALLY makes food for yourself, but whenever you try, it's just so BAD.

Question: Should lasagna taste like a LITTLE cardboard-y? What is the right amount of cardboard taste to a lasagna.


6. There are a bunch of inscrutable cooking terms everyone else seems to understand, and you're increasingly suspicious there was a class on this years ago and nobody told you.

What is "braising"? How will I know when "peaks form"? Why would anyone just assume I have a food processor?


11. Forget "just throwing something together"; for you, the decision to try cooking (again) means setting aside half a day for something that will more than likely taste disgusting. Because YOU made it.

Do you know how long it would take *me* to chop the vegetables for this Beginner's Thanksgiving post? 14 days. And they're going to look like shit.