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    19 Reasons Kim Kelly Is The High School Bad Girl You Wanted To Be

    Freaks and Geeks' resident bad girl, Kim Kelly, is a total badass.

    1. Kim Kelly has the DGAF attitude you can only aspire to.

    2. Kim knows how to get what she wants, and is happy to share her technique.

    3. But she's also capable of being really, surprisingly sweet.

    4. Kim's signature look is a blue jacket she shoplifted.

    Crime is not COOL, per se, but. That's a little cool, in high school terms.

    5. Kim Kelly really knows how to deliver a threat.

    6. Her menacing sneer is unparalleled, even among the meanest of mean girls.

    7. If you try to stay in on a weekend night, Kim Kelly will have none of it. She will make you do something FUN.

    8. She has the Holy Grail of hot high school boyfriends.

    *tries and fails to whistle*

    9. But Kim calls Daniel on his shenanigans, even though he has the chiseled face of a marble god.

    10. Seriously. Kim does not have time for your attitude, Daniel Desario.

    Even though you are so hot. So hot.

    11. Basically Kim Kelly makes you believe in true, high school bad kids love.

    12. Kim Kelly knows how to rock a bad girl braid.

    13. And a variety of interesting early-80s hair twists!

    So cool. Everyone else will be doing it.

    14. She's not *super* diplomatic, but you can always count on Kim to be honest.

    15. She runs the school with co-bully Karen Scarfolli, but don't misunderstand who's in charge.

    (Hi, Rashida Jones!)

    16. If Karen Scarfolli steps out of line ...

    17. ... Karen Scarfolli can be eliminated.

    18. Kim will stand up to Karen on behalf of your adorable little brother.

    It doesn't *hurt* that Karen also sucked her boyfriend's finger, obviously.

    19. In the end, you know she's always got your back.

    And is game to lure you away from smart kids' camp to a Grateful Dead tour.

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