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19 Foods That Minnesotans Do Better Than Anyone Else

What I like is that it's mostly all starch and mostly all one color.

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5. Walleye

The walleye is Minnesota's state fish and prominent among the state's thousands of freshwater lakes. It is eaten battered, fried, smoked, on sandwiches, on sticks, and generally just as much as possible.

7. Juicy Lucy

The Juicy Lucy is a burger invented by one of two South Minneapolis restaurants: Matt's Bar or the 5-8 Club. Both claim responsibility for coming up with the very good idea to cook cheese right into the burger.


10. Deep Fried Cheese Curds

While it's true that much of the cheese Minnesotans eat in curd form comes from our cheesehead neighbors to the east, it's at the Minnesota State Fair that the deep-fried variety really shines.


13. Pasties

A pasty (which is thought to have been brought to Minnesota by residents of the English county of Cornwall and adopted by Finnish immigrants working in the Iron Range mines) is a baked pastry filled with meat and vegetables.


16. Jello Salad

Jello salad isn't exclusive to Minnesota, but it is (usually) what people in Minnesota mean when they say they'll bring "the salad" to your neighborhood potluck. Obviously, the best varieties include marshmallows.