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    18 Reasons Fox Mulder Would Be The Best-Worst Boyfriend Ever

    In honor of the birthday of the man who brought him to life.

    Today is David Duchovny's birthday. He is 54.

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    In celebration, let's consider what it would really be like to date Fox Mulder. (Diehard X-heads, which is I think what the X-Files fandom would maybe call itself if the show were on today, know that Mulder's birthday is October 13th. However, Mulder is unfortunately not real.)

    1. He'll never give up on what he believes in.

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    Even when he's literally the only one who believes it. You're like, "I love your conviction, but you are embarrassing me in front of my friends."

    2. He never calls just to say "Hi."

    3. This is something you'll be asking a lot.

    Fox / Via

    4. He only watches two kinds of movies.

    Fox / Via

    One is alien autopsies. The other is .... well.

    5. He's always like, "I just found these amazing old slides. You've gotta see 'em."

    Fox / Via

    You're like, "Oh yeah, cool. Yeah, no, I totally see it."

    6. Good luck getting this one to the beach/outside, period.

    Fox / Via

    7. He can be a LITTLE hard to trust.

    Fox / Via

    Like, it's a lot of mixed messages from him re: the trust thing.

    8. His compliment game could use some work. / Via Fox

    9. And what is he even wearing half the time?

    Fox / Via

    Lotta dad jeans and turtlenecks, I've gotta say.

    10. You can't ever be totally sure that he's really himself, and not just a shapeshifter who looks like him.

    11. Sometimes he's kind of a baby.

    Fox / Via

    Like, is it my fault we're out here in the middle of the night with no food or shelter hiding from camouflage monsters? Is it?

    12. Every Friday it's like, "What are we doing this weekend?"

    13. And every trip you take it's like ...

    Fox / Via

    14. He's going to make you wait a really, really long time.

    Fox / Via

    15. Like, five or six years.

    Fox / Via

    16. But then, perhaps, it will ALL BE WORTH IT.

    17. I mean. Haha. What!!!!!!

    Fox / Via

    18. Ugh, fine, OK, I'm not mad.

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