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18 Reasons Christine And The Queens Should Be Your New Crush

French singer Héloïse Letissier is [heart eyes emoji].

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1. This is Héloïse Letissier, a French pop singer/songwriter who creates and performs music under the name Christine and the Queens.

2. Also, she is a major babe.

4. In February, she won Best Female Artist and Best Video Clip of 2014 at the French Victoires de la Musique.

5. Her single "Tilted" (An English version made after the original French, "Christine") came out earlier this year, and the video features Letissier's completely transfixing dance moves.

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So cool.


6. And here's the similarly alluring video for the titular song off her new EP — her first in English — "Saint Claude."

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Floating up to heaven like an angel.

7. Letissier identifies as pansexual, which she talks about in this interview:

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It's in French, but it sounds great.

8. She was recently featured looking like a million bucks in the New York Times Style magazine.

9. Her chic tomboy style is incredible.

12. Suits have never looked quite so good.

14. Her shoe collection is extremely enviable.

15. Tegan and Sara are among her fans.

16. ... and so is Will Ferrell.

17. Also, just because, she looks amazing covered in glitter.

18. And in head-to-toe denim.


The Saint Claude EP is out now, and you can find tour dates for Christine and the Queens on her website.

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