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    17 Times The Internet Perfectly Summed Up Being A Libra

    "Don't put me in the middle of this!" — you, always

    1. On your love for gossip.

    2. You turning on the Libra charm.

    3. On you trying to make any decision.

    4. No, really.

    5. And on your reaction after you finally DO make a decision.

    6. On feeling the pressure of being everyone's mediator.

    7. On you when you agree to do 100 things in a day.

    8. On you saying you "don't like drama."

    9. On your #foreversingle status.

    10. On your commitment-phobia.

    11. On your favorite past-time.

    12. On you when you go to the hair salon.

    13. On your love for flirting.

    14. When you know you're being annoying but you can't help it.

    15. On you trying to Instagram.

    16. On your time management struggles.

    17. On people-pleasing.