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    17 Times The Internet Perfectly Summed Up Being A Leo

    Give me all the attention.

    1. On dating.

    2. On the perpetual crisis.

    3. No really.

    4. On your flair for revenge.

    5. On your suave delivery.

    6. On your confidence.

    7. On you when you hear someone mention a competition. #LeosBeLike #Birthday #Leo #Happy #fun #goingIn #christian #party #turnUp #excited #fam...

    8. On your fiery independence.

    9. On keeping your guard up.

    10. On your ability to hold a grudge.

    11. On your famous loyalty.

    12. On your need to shine.

    13. On your (perceived) invincibility.

    14. On you in a fight.

    15. On your new favorite shirt.

    16. On your disbelief when a crush doesn't go your way.

    17. For real though.