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    17 Times The Internet Perfectly Captured Being A Capricorn

    Work hard... work harder.

    1. On the rare occasions you let your temper get away from you.

    2. On that trademark bullshit detector.

    3. On being territorial over your squad.

    4. On your confrontation style.

    5. On taking pride in yourself.

    6. On not knowing how to respond to whirlwind moodiness.

    7. On not wanting advice from your elders.

    8. On being reluctant to let yourself be vulnerable.

    9. On needing your alone time.

    10. On your poker face.

    If this isn't the truth. .. naturally nonchalant smh #Capricorn #capricornsbelike ♑ ♑ ♑

    11. For real, though.

    12. On your brutal honesty.

    13. On your thin skin.

    14. On your incomparable work ethic.

    15. On being a good friend.

    16. On loving your routine.

    17. On your nearly supernatural chill.