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    Posted on Sep 15, 2014

    17 Struggles Only Lazy Vegetarians Will Understand

    Please don't make me eat eggplant.

    1. Knowing that you'll be having the same thing for dinner that you always do: pasta with red sauce.

    su-lin / Via Flickr: su-lin / Creative Commons

    2. Knowing that you will never attempt to cook something that is literally, practically, called "Satan."

    Phil! Gold / Via Flickr: phil_g / Creative Commons

    Just forget it, I'm making pasta.

    3. Not having even the first idea — and not wanting to find out — what "tempeh" is.

    kattebelletje / Via Flickr: kattebelletje / Creative Commons

    How do you even pronounce this one. I don't care, I don't want it.

    4. Being expected to have opinions about kale preparation.

    Another Pint Please... / Via Flickr: anotherpintplease / Creative Commons


    5. Feeling the weird, rare obligation to try the new veggie/vegan/wholefood/gluten-free restaurant.

    Kake / Via Flickr: kake_pugh / Creative Commons

    And returning to your favorite grilled cheese place with your tail between your legs.

    6. Wondering when you missed the vegetarian memo that roasted eggplant was pretty much the main option we'd be getting from now on.

    woodleywonderworks / Via Flickr: wwworks / Creative Commons

    Don't you dare put this on a bun and tell me it's a burger.

    7. Knowing you don't get enough protein, so always trying to do that thing of glamorously eating almonds out of a glass dish, like a rich lady.

    icemanphotos / Via Flickr: 42957889@N05 / Creative Commons

    Surely six or seven is enough for the day.

    8. Deciding you can probably get all the nutrients you're missing out on from these.

    KitAy / Via Flickr: kitpfish / Creative Commons

    9. Explaining to people that this is a perfectly valid and respectable vegetarian lunch.

    Kevin Harber / Via Flickr: kevharb / Creative Commons

    It is also what 8-year-olds eat for lunch.

    10. Wishing your veggie burger didn't have to come with so many...veggies...on it.

    Chris Breikss / Via Flickr: extra_chrisb / Creative Commons

    11. Knowing the sad truth every time someone's like, "Wow, vegetarian? You must eat so healthy."

    theimpulsivebuy / Via Flickr: theimpulsivebuy / Creative Commons

    "Yeah ... totally."

    12. Convincing yourself you are somehow more morally deserving of frequent desserts.

    roboppy / Via Flickr: roboppy / Creative Commons

    And not realizing this is not how calories work.

    13. Developing a close, clingy, desperate relationship with the bread basket.

    ilovememphis / Via Flickr: ilovememphis / Creative Commons

    Excuse me, how many refills do we get on this? Can we finish other tables' if they don't want them?

    14. Having to pay a million extra dollars for cage-free eggs and veggie burgers.

    quinn.anya / Via Flickr: quinnanya / Creative Commons

    (Because you don't know how to make anything tasty without them.)

    15. Seeing that the only veggie option at the restaurant is a "Mixed Greens Salad"...

    Muy Yum / Via Flickr: muyyum / Creative Commons

    Cool, I'll be hungry again before I'm even done.

    16. ...and being like, "I GUESS I'll just get French fries."

    fritish / Via Flickr: fritish / Creative Commons

    You and I both know neither of us views this as a burden, pal.

    17. Genuinely worrying about how much pizza you consume.

    The Pizza Review / Via Flickr: thepizzareview / Creative Commons

    But I guess that's a problem for almost everyone.