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17 Struggles Only Lazy Vegetarians Will Understand

Please don't make me eat eggplant.

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5. Feeling the weird, rare obligation to try the new veggie/vegan/wholefood/gluten-free restaurant.

Kake / Via Flickr: kake_pugh / Creative Commons

And returning to your favorite grilled cheese place with your tail between your legs.

6. Wondering when you missed the vegetarian memo that roasted eggplant was pretty much the main option we'd be getting from now on.

woodleywonderworks / Via Flickr: wwworks / Creative Commons

Don't you dare put this on a bun and tell me it's a burger.

7. Knowing you don't get enough protein, so always trying to do that thing of glamorously eating almonds out of a glass dish, like a rich lady.


13. Developing a close, clingy, desperate relationship with the bread basket.

ilovememphis / Via Flickr: ilovememphis / Creative Commons

Excuse me, how many refills do we get on this? Can we finish other tables' if they don't want them?